Security Testing

Onsite Social Engineering

Security does not stop in the cloud, ensure your staff and physical security can handle a malicious actor onsite. Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge in carrying out onsite social engineering. We can tailor-make scenarios to best suit your business objectives.

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Our Approach


Gather an understanding of your physical security posture in the eyes of an adversary. Often physical access leads to total compromise of a system. Preventing physical access to both systems and networks adds another layer of defence to your organisation.


Assess the foundations of your business and identify attack avenues onsite. Social Engineering typically involves manipulating staff members, our scenarios mimic an adversary in the real world. This could allow sensitive information or access to be obtained.


CREST Registered Penetration Testers with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

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Physical Access

Keys to the kingdom

Social engineering allows organisations to see how an adversary would fair onsite. Will your staff members report suspicious activity? Can your IT security team detect unauthorised network access? Our consultants will test your physical security and social engineer their way into the heart of your organisation.