Who We Are

Established in 2017, Network security is our foundation. We strive to secure your infrastructure.

At Wolf Network Security, we are a small, approachable and transparent cyber security consultancy providing penetration testing. We’re here to empower businesses with insights into potential vulnerabilities and cyber threats, ensuring organisations stay ahead. We have built on the wolf’s ethos ensuring that our customers become part of the pack.

We offer a range of penetration testing services, from Web application testing to Physical access and Cloud assessments. Our clients range from startups looking to establish a robust security foundation to large enterprises seeking to fortify their defences against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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What We Do


At Wolf, we strive to provide quality services. We utilise manual testing approaches with assisted automation, enabling us to deliver comprehensive reports.


At Wolf, we like to be honest with our customers and ensure we can meet expectations.


We provide a competitive pricing model which allows us to work with all sizes of business.

Business Relationships

At Wolf, we value client relationships. Being a small team, the same person liaising with you during onboarding will often be the same person delivering the test. This allows us to build an understanding of your business all the way from scoping to test delivery.

Our members

Security Professionals

UK Based CREST Registered Testers, with 12 years combined network & cyber security experience.

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Senior Penetration Tester & Director

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Senior Penetration Tester & Director

Our Offices

UK Based company

Currently serving clients across the UK and overseas.



Heron House, 47 Lloyd Street

Manchester M2 5LE



Serving International Clients