Security Testing

External Infrastructure Testing

Our consultants understand your external infrastructure is the exposed edge of your network. Using tried and tested techniques and methodologies our team can assist in minimising the external attack surface and highlight any issues.

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Our Approach

Find Vulnerabilities

Ensure your organisation has a limited attack surface and no unexpected security misconfigurations or vulnerabilities. External Infrastructure tests are designed to gather insight into external threats from the public internet.


As more devices and services are connected to the internet it’s becoming more important than ever to ensure exposed services are secure.


CREST Registered Penetration Testers with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

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Limit your exposure

External penetration testing will assess the security implementation on your perimeter routers, firewalls and Web Applications. External tests will also assess security restrictions for Web Applications Firewalls (WAFs) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that are Internet facing. The ever growing implementation of internet connected devices pose a critical risk to your business. Wolf Network Security understands the need to test these assets and services.